Tom McMahon Construction Scholarship Fund


In Tom’s memory our family and friends have created a scholarship fund to keep his legacy alive. I realize that you may never have had the opportunity to know Tom, however, there is a connection between his passion for the construction industry and the way that we would like live everyday. Tom believed that it took all kinds of people to get the job done. He was a Superintendent for Saunders Construction and completed jobs such as Coors Amphitheater, The Arvada Center, Lucent Technology Buildings on C-470, and his pride, The DU College of Law. He respected every one that was involved with the project from the owners down through to the architects, PM’s, Subcontractor’s, and the guy shoveling dirt behind the caisson rig. He was truly a wonderful man and I am a better person for having him in my life.


As a non-profit organization we have established a relationship with both Colorado State University Construction Management Department and the Local Carpenters Union. This is the third consecutive year that we have given our scholarships. Two $2,500.00 scholarships go to CSU construction management students that are in at least the third year of the program and the top third of their class. One $1000.00 leadership award goes to the outstanding graduating carpenters apprentice, which are nominated by the actual jobsite Superintendents through the union representatives. We are in the process of generating more trade scholarships over the next few years.


Our events are very exciting. You may not ride, but come on down and enjoy the after party. We have a band, free food and lots of wonderful raffle items. By the way we have a group of bicycle riders from Saunders Construction that keeps growing every year.


Thank you for being here today,

Shelley McMahon


Our tax ID number is:


Tom McMahon Construction Scholarship Fund

4441 S. Abilene Cir

Aurora, CO  80015


Tom McMahon Construction Scholarship Fund 2017 CSU Recipients!


Kyle Deuschle and Ryan Schneider... Congratulations!

Katelyn Lowe (on the left) and Christina Bassaniis (on the right), Shelley McMahon (in the center) our recipients for 2016! They were introduced on Saturday, June 4th at the Golf Tournament.

Chris Corona

is our High School recipient out of Lake County High School in Leadville, Colorado — 2015!

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