Our Mission


The Tom McMahon Construction Scholarship Fund has been created for the sole purpose of honoring the memory of Tom McMahon, his contributions to our industry, and commitment to training and mentoring. We will do so by creating and maintaining a fund for the purpose of annually designating a small number of recipients who clearly exhibit the desire, dedication, and aptitude to develop a career in the construction industry and providing assistance to them for their education. Candidates will be considered for both trade/craft training and professional studies at the undergraduate level.

Assistance will be provided to multiple students in each calendar year with the intent of offsetting some, but not all expenses related to education. Alliances will be created with a number of trade schools and educational institutions in order to facilitate finding and tracking young people who desire to find their way in the industry.


While there is still much to be done and details to be worked out, we are well on our way and have already accomplished the following:


  1. Established a banking relationship with Vectra Bank to handle, manage, and disburse funds.
  2. Begun the process of applying for and receiving non-profit status from the government.
  3. Formed a governing board to set policy and direct funds.


The most important way we have to truly honor Tom will be in our ability to keep this program thriving year after year. We intend to do that through annual fund raising events that will serve the dual purpose of raising money for a very good cause and bringing us together to remember and toast our friend,

Tom McMahon.


We will continue to update you all as we continue to make progress.

Thank you for your love, kindness, and support.




Shelley McMahon, Chair of the Board

Tom McMahon Construction Scholarship Fund


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